Submitted by: Kenna Duhon
April 18, 2014

Elijah’s Story:
My name is Kenna and My Little brother, Elijah , was born with Hyproplastic Left heart Syndrome, which meant he only had half of his heart, the right half.

He stayed several months there , because right after his birth they took him to surgery. When he came home doctors said he wouldn’t be an active child because of his condition. He had two more surgeries to go to complete the series and complete his heart.

On the second surgery Elijah was taken back to San Francisco and stayed for around 4 months and was back home. He begin to live his life , because when he was 3 he would be scheduled to go back to surgery, but this time at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Elijah was a happy child. Although the doctors said he wouldn’t be active he was. he played outside with his nieces and enjoyed going to daycare with his friends. We were very protective over him still because we didn’t want him to overwork his heart. We also didn’t want him to get sick because he still had a low immune system .

On his final surgery , Elijah had some complications that made us stay for more months than expected. Thankful the complications were over and we were able to go home.

In February 2013, Elijah was beginning to get sick , he was coughing up thick mucus. My parents took him to San Joaquin Hospital in Bakersfield CA. The doctors there said,” it was just a cough , treat it regularly.” My mom did as they said , but she also called his heart doctor for just in case reasons. On March 4, 2013, while we were at Pismo , playing at a park together , My mom got a call from Elijah’s heart doctor.

It was Urgent , they told us to take Elijah to the Children’s hospital now and that they would have a bed ready for him. On the car ride home we didn’t tell Elijah he would have to go to the hospital . We took pictures and played , until we got home. When we got home my parents packed and when they were out the door we informed Elijah where he was going , he cried .

Everyday after because I was not there with them, Elijah would call and my parents would take pictures and videos. He woke me up in the mornings and called me before I slept . It wasn’t until March 13, 2013 that Elijah got a catheterization  and was under tubes that I didn’t hear his voice again. It was said Elijah had Plastic Bronchitis , a condition that was brought on by the last heart surgery, but the doctors failed to warn us that this might happen. Thursday night my dad said Elijah was failing , but he came back as my dad prayed. Friday Morning my mom came to get me to take me back to the Hospital. It wasn’t till then that she told me how bad his situation was. All my family gathered and we prayed. The doctors took Elijah back once more that morning and took out something that resembled a tree. We thought now everything would be okay, but the doctors informed my parents and I that his brain was not responding . All my family gathered and we prayed . My parents didn’t wasn’t him to suffer anymore and had the plug pulled . He passed that day March 15, 2013.

I will never understand why we were never informed about this risk. I’m sure if we did we would had not gone through with the surgery. I miss my baby brother dearly . I seen Olivia’s Flyer in my hair salon and wanted to help